Friday, April 22, 2011

Judge Judy hands out justice and lesson in manners to local twits

A 19-year-old Roseville woman may have learned a lesson in manners from none other than Judge Judy.
The famous TV jurist in an episode that aired Wednesday ordered Jennifer Kish to repay $500 that her then-boyfriend’s aunt paid to bail her out of jail in her hometown.
Kish whined to Judy -- Judith Sheindlin -- that she didn’t think she should repay Jennifer Yacheson for getting her butt out of the Roseville slammer in March 2010 after being arrested with friends for shoplifting.
“There was no agreement to pay her back,” Kish smarmily told Judge Judy.
Judy retorted to the younger Jenny: “Somebody’s got to be out of money, and it’s not going to be her.”
Preach it, Judge Judy -- the Insider and everyone one with a lick of common sense is in the choir.
That brings us back to Kish, who was apparently not invited into the choir or into anyplace else that requires the sense God gave grapes.
Kish complained that after she was arrested she was terrified about being locked up and too scared to call her mother to set her free. (Well, maybe that shows a smidge of common sense.)
In calling around for her boyfriend at the time, she located his aunt, Yacheson, who had helped Kish in the past. Yacheson agreed to be nice again and provide impromptu bail money.
And apparently unknown to her, it was considered a gift by its ungrateful recipient.
If getting caught stealing wasn’t enough to teach her something, maybe Judge Judy’s televised reality check did.


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