Saturday, April 9, 2011

Talkin' trash: Kid Rock challenged on the hardwood

St. Clair Shores musician Steven Foster has thrown down a hoops challenge to Kid Rock.
Or at least that's what his mother said when I saw her last night. Ah, the joys of the trash talk. 
Foster, who is in the band B-Dab, last week told the Insider that the Kid (known and beloved as Romeo native Bob Ritchie) just might not be able to keep up with him in a basketball game.
The topic came up while Foster was talking about B-Dab recently winning a Fox Sports Detroit’s “April in the D” songwriting competition. Kid Rock was among the judges for the contest.
“I’ve heard Kid Rock say in interviews that he likes to play basketball,” Foster said. “I just want to say I hoop too. Bobby, if you need an extra man, hit me up.”
Then he added: “You better hope you’re not covering me, dude. I say let’s take it to the court.” 
The Insider says maybe if the Kid can't play, his mother can fill in. I'll ask her tonight.


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