Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mount Clemens shoe shiner's party, advice go national. But he keeps his humble roots

There's nothing The Insider likes more than a heartwearming tale, and this, my friends, is truly heartwarming:
Otis Hopson's birthday has become a holiday of sorts in the Macomb County Court Building in downtown Clem. But this year's celebration may have topped them all for the courthouse's shoe shine man.
Hopson, who this year marks his 20th buffing footwear in the courthouse lobby, turned 93 on Tuesday. As custom, he was feted by courthouse employees who posted more than a dozen colorful balloons and signs on his work-area wall, and serenaded him with "Happy Birthday To You." Clerk Carmella Sabaugh presented him with a birthday cake, and he returned the gift of music by playing a tune on his handy harmonica.
As an added bonus this year, Otis appeared as a guest on Channel 4's morning show with Steve Garagiola and Rhonda Walker. Hopson related his long-touted philosophy, "JOY," an acronym for "Jesus first," "Others next" and "Yourself last." He also treated the hosts with the sounds of his harmonica.
The story was picked up by MSNBC-TV.
When asked about his experience, Hopson responded in his typical modesty. “I was overwhelmed,” he said. “They were so nice.”
Otis may have gone national, but the man who has called Mount Clemens his home for 88 years was back shining shoes Wednesday afternoon.


Blogger FaithfullyFitSharron said...

Otis, It was such a blessing to have met you!! I can't think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon than at the courthouse listening to the truth about you and all you have seen. I can't wait to bring my family to meet you! You already know you are blessed. So I will just say take care of yourself and keep the JOY in the courthouse!

November 15, 2011 at 12:01 PM 

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