Thursday, March 24, 2011

A lady never tells and neither does Jim Fouts

The Insider is closely following the case of Jim Fouts vs. Truth in Age Advertising. For the uninitiated, Fouts is  refusing to disclose his date of birth on documents requested through the Freedom of Information Act. Now, we've had our scuffles with the honorable Fouts, but in this case we say, "you go, Mr. Mayor."  The Insider hasn't disclosed his age since 1974 -- oh wait, The Insider wasn't yet a gleam in his daddy's eye in 1974, and anyone who says anything different is a dirty liar. In fact if you said it, you shouldn't be reading this, you should be running to the pump house to hose down your flaming pants. Anyway, if Jim Fouts was in the vicinity right now, we would offer him a fist pump, a very light one, so as not to knock him down. The mayor isn't a robust man. And he may be a senior citizen. Or he may not be.


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