Friday, April 15, 2011

Payments for nonexistent shopping center, bug killing, surprise cash-strapped officials

In this kind of economy, municipal budgets are being watched like a supermodel watches her weight.
So some Mount Clemens city commissioners were a little surprised at a few items they found in the budget while conducting an in-depth study session recently.
For example, Commissioner Karan Bates-Gasior pointed out the city apparently is paying a $1,000 annual membership fee to belong to the International Association of Shopping Centers.
But there’s a problem.
“We don’t have any shopping centers in the city,” she said.
City Manager Doug Anderson was equally puzzled. “That’s the first I ever heard of that,” he said.
They also questioned why the city needs an exterminator, only to discover there are critters such as bats and bees that sometime find their way into City Hall.
And there’s something even worse.
“There are some big spiders that like to come inside,” said Finance Director Marilyn Dluge.
Spiders? The Insider is no fiscal genius, but we suggest investing in a few .25 cent fly swatters and leaving exterminators to cities flush with cash.


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