Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Planning to cheat? Then you must be male, and special

Here's a tidbit to share at cocktail parties as tax day approaches...
According to a new report by about 15 percent of Americans cheat on their taxes. Who are these dastardly ne'er do wells? Mostly, they're young single men.

Hmmm... survey finds: Young men tend to cheat. Someone better call Oprah.

The tax survey came from marketing DDB Communications, which asked approximately 6,400 Americans whether they intended to cheat on their taxes. Of the 15 percent who gave it an affirmative, sixty four percent were single men under the age of 45.
But coming up next is where you're going to get angry (put Oprah on hold for a minute) -- the survey found 46 percent of those cheaters rated themselves as "overall better than most people" and 52 percent said they were "special and deserved to be treated that way."
And, no, Donald Trump wasn't interviewed 6,400 times.


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