Saturday, April 16, 2011

Here comes the bride…all dressed in green

White is the traditional color of weddings, but don’t tell that to Mount Clemens’ mayor Barb Dempsey, who sees only green.
And it’s not because she’s jealous.
No, the venerable mayor thinks about money when she thinks about weddings.
Dempsey recently said she has done her fair share in bringing revenue to the cash-short community by, you guessed it, performing ceremonies for blissful brides and grooms. Or at least paying brides and grooms.
During a recent budget study session, the mayor remarked that she has performed enough weddings in Mount Clemens to cover the $1,500 salary for her part-time position.
“My salary is paid for,” she said. “The taxpayers aren’t paying me a dime.”
The cost for having the mayor preside over a marriage in Mount Clemens is $100 for residents, $150 for non-residents, according to City Clerk Lynne Kennedy. All proceeds go to the general fund.
So, if you’ve got the Benjamins, Dempsey has the time.


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