Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fouts wins birthdate dispute. Who loses?

The Insider has to take his hat off to Warren Mayor Jim Fouts after the old guy, er, young guy, beat a political opponent's attempt to force him to release his birth date.
Macomb Daily staffer Jamie Cook followed the news when the state Court of Appeals ruled in favor of  Fouts, unanimously upholding most of a local judge’s ruling. It means Fouts and candidate Kathleen Schneeberger’s names will remain on the ballot for the Aug. 2 primary, unless there is a successful state Supreme Court appeal.
Fouts said Thursday he was pleased with the ruling because it blocked an attempt to “hijack the election” and supports his “fight against ageism.”
“This was an attempt to hijack the election of 2011 and prevent the voters from having a choice in the 2011 election,” Fouts told Macomb Daily. “The ruling means that age can never be used as a weapon, a weapon of mass destruction, against a candidate. Whatever my age is, is irrelevant. I meet the qualifications to run as a candidate.”
So you go, Mr. Fouts for fending off that weapon of mass destruction with the skill of a young champion.


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