Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hackel tries to avoid Insider; Effort proves to be futile

Newspaper reporters can be a mischievous bunch. 
Here's a case in point: When a Macomb Daily staffer sat down the other day for an interview with County Executive Mark Hackel, Deputy County Executive Mark Deldin and county Board of Commissioners Chair Kathy Vosburg, the location of choice was Vosburg's office in downtown Mount Clemens. 
Vosburg has decorated her glass-top conference table with a number of drawings in crayon and pencil by her pre-school-age grandchildren. The drawings, tucked under the glass, were quite apparent as the interview was about to begin.
Vosburg started to explain that her young grandchildren were the artists responsible for the pictures when the reporter chimed in: "I thought you were going to say that the commissioners drew them."
Hackel couldn't suppress a chuckle and said: "I'm glad you said that, not me. If I had said that I, for sure, would have ended up in The Insider."
Mr. Executive, sometimes it's not what you say, it's what you don't say.


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