Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today's lesson: Never leave valuables around a man nicknamed 'Neck'

Country-rocker JoCaine’s smile turned upside down last weekend after a successful CD release concert at the Hayloft in downtown Mount Clemens.
Turns out someone stole “a lot of money” from JoCaine’s band van that was parked in the lot in front of the club on Main Street sometime while he was inside performing songs from his new CD, “American Made.”
On his Facebook page, JoCaine said he suspected a former longtime assistant he knew from his days back in Hazel Park broke into the van and snatched the cash during the show.
The thief hasn’t been seen since.
He named the suspected thief online but since we’re not into being sued when we can help it, we’re only going to reference the suspect’s nickname, which is “Neck.”
Now, the Insider hates to say “I told you so,” but a couple of things strike us about this tale.
First, we’d say never leave a large amount of money in a van decked out with red-white-and-blue streamers and painted images on the outside, attracting a lot of attention.
Secondly, it’s probably not a good idea to trust a fellow everyone knows as “Neck.”


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