Friday, May 6, 2011

Instead of Jessie’s girl, Springfield should wish for a clean record before Stars & Stripes

Is there a curse on the Stars & Stripes festival? It appears to be the case – and the voodoo doll used in the curse making ceremony must’ve been made up with Aqua Net hair and pleather pants.
For the second year in a row, the aging rocker set to highlight the Macomb County event has been arrested for a DUI pre-performance.
A few days after festival promoters announced 1980s rocker Rick Springfield would be on the Stars & Stripes lineup for 2011, the 61-year-old “Jessie’s Girl” singer was arrested in Malibu on suspicion of driving under the influence.
That was reminiscent of last year when Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was nabbed for drunk driving in Las Vegas about a month before his appearance at Stars & Stripes. He ended up serving a jail stint after appearing in Macomb County.
Stars & Stripes spokeswoman Aimee Spencer says there is no curse of bad luck for these guys, adding the arrests were mere coincidences. She says Springfield’s management assures the promoters that he will be able to travel to Mount Clemens for the July 1 show.
Spencer said Joe Nieporte of Funfest Productions, promoters of the festival, knew the similarities would not escape The Insider.
“Joe said you’d be calling about this,” she laughed. “We’ve been assured everything is still a go from Rick’s people. He’ll be here.”


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