Thursday, May 19, 2011

Local reporter says he spent time with the governator, his wife, mistress and the kids. Cozy night?

The Insider lives in a glass house. Therefore, he doesn't throw stones. But the story of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering a child with a housekeeper who gave birth at roughly the same time as his famous Kennedy cousin wife Maria Shriver is something that begs for an eyebrow raised in judgment.
Oh no, he didn't.
As shocking as this tale was, the Insider was startled again when local news pundit Charlie LeDuff of Fox 2 fame, who fashions himself a kind of swaggering gonzo journalist in the mold of the dearly departed Hunter S. Thompson, came out with a tale of himself eating a stale dinner with the governator, his wife, the mistress, and the kids.
The Insider never casts aspersions at fellow ink-stained wretches, but let's just say LeDuff has never met a story he thinks couldn't be improved by making himself a character in it. And that character is endlessly fascinating. To him. But if you wade through the desperate attempts at self aggrandizing, part of a fascinating story unfolds.
LeDuff says he was covering Schwarzenegger for the LA Times when he and his wife were invited to watch the Golden Globes with the famous family.
Long story short: Maria was in sweat pants, the menu was "warmed over taquitos, nachos and hot dogs," LeDuff says, and the "well endowed" reported mistress Mildred Baena sat in on the festivities from a stool perched behind the couch. 
The governor, whose kingdom incidentally included San Francisco and Hollywood,  allegedly mocked a starlet during the broadcast by saying of her dress, "Look at her! Some queer told her she looks good in that but her t--s look like s--t!”
There are no details of the day beyond that (read LeDuff's report here) but the Insider can't stop dreaming up captions for the imaginary Christmas card picture snapped that day.


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