Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hackel opts for the musical stylings of smooth jazz

The duly elected county executive is tasked with making plenty of calls on behalf of his constituents.
And he apparently takes this very seriously.
Leaving no decision-making stone unturned, Mark Hackel, who is still setting his administrative course in its first year of operation, took the time to decide what you'll listen to.
Jako van Blerk, project manager for Macomb County's Information Technology division, emailed employees a memo this week "per the executive office" informing them the county government’s telephone hold music would switch that night from classical to smooth rock.
Are you going to take this lying down, Macomb County? Kenny G on your time? 
The Insider worried it was noise pollution in the name of calming savage phone beasts.
Hmpf. We had to investigate further.
The Insider went undercover Friday afternoon, calling the county under the guise of journalism to sample the new sound.
What we heard was a funky guitar riff with a good beat. And honestly, it wasn't so bad. For some reason, the wait for a bureaucratic "no comment" from some office or another didn’t seem as frustrating. 
By the time The Insider's call met its intended recipient, his ire had calmed substantially. Well played, sir. Well played.


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